Fashioned from Nature – The V&A Exhibition 2018

Spotlighting designers like Vivienne Westwood and Dries Van Noten, the fascinating ‘Fashioned from Nature’ fashion exhibition at the V&A explores how the industry can be more sustainable. I originally went for a visit, to check out my muse Frida’s exhibition and stumbled across this one too! Euphoric Threads is grounded on sustainable work ethics and wants to help transform the way people choose to buy and wear clothes without harming our planet.

This V&A exhibition was a well-rounded eye opener, and candid insight into the complex relationship between fashion and nature. It explores historical influences and inspiration, through to environmental impacts and recent, exciting innovations that are set to shake up the industry.

Alexander McQueen Platos Atlantis Fashioned From Nature Review by Euphoric Threads
Of course, my hero Alexander McQueen was showcased. Here is a outfit from one of my favourite collections; “Platos Atlantis”.

Fashion is always looking to nature for inspiration – but does the industry care about the planet beyond pretty florals? That is the key question this fashion exhibition – Fashioned from Nature – asks.

Tracing the complex relationship between fashion and the natural world from 1600 to now, the exhibition showcases examples that combine both beautiful design and ethical practices (it isn’t just hessian sack dresses as some might think). Featuring designs like Emma Watson’s 2016 Met Ball Calvin Klein dress – made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles – elsewhere there is work from brands like Christian Dior and Dries Van Noten.

The exhibition also spotlights designers like Vivienne Westwood and protest groups like Fashion Revolution, who campaign to highlight the increasing environmental damage wrought by the textile industry. In addition to what designers should be doing to make a difference, controversial garments such as corsets made of whalebone are included to focus on what we need to move away from.