Top 10 things to do in St.Kilda

Pinch Punch first of the month. It’s January the 1st 2019 and I’m back in St.Kilda baby!

I haven’t been back to Melbourne in SIX years can you believe! I honestly love this city, however it does feels strange to be back.. on my own AGAIN, and this time without the wonderful friends I had met and lived with in 2013.

Arriving into St.Kilda from Melbourne’s airport is a breeze, simply hop on the Sky Bus. It cost me $15 for a single into the CBD.

If you arrive late like I did, just jump on the No.96 tram straight to St.Kilda – ask some friendly staff at the Southern Cross Station and you’ll be good to go.

TIPYou technically need a Myki card but it is a ‘jump on jump off’ transport … go figure.

It’s an exciting new start in Oz this year for me and this label Euphoric Threads, and I have a good feeling Melbourne will be a great start to our Aussie adventures!

If you ever find yourself exploring St.Kilda, here is my TOP TEN of things I would do:



You can’t go to St.Kilda and not see the seaaaa.

If, like me, you love the city but after a while it gets a bit too hectic and starts to suffocate you… you will love escaping here.

And if, like me, you absolutely love the beach, then bobs your uncle! Grab your budgie smugglers … (WELL, ew, NO, I meant Euphoric Threads!) and jump on the 96 tram.

St. Kilda’s main stretch is right where the tram pulls in, hosting 2 parallel lines either side of coffee shops, trendy boutiques, high street stores, supermarkets and restaurants. People seem to always be occupying the outdoor cafe seats, drenched in sunshine whilst catching up over a coffee. And if they aren’t, you can guarantee they’ll be in their sweats running the length of the promenade or cooling off in the ocean.

The beaches may be man made here in St.Kilda but they are footsteps from the high street, and showcase some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. To top it off, as you lay on the beaches, the view is framed by Melbournes skyline. It’s stunning.



Melbourne is famed for its food and decent coffee. This isn’t a food blog and I’m not going to list every hot spot but some of my favourites I have recently stumbled upon; crazy delicious Matcha Restaurant St.Kilda is HEAVEN. Highly recommend the Two poached vegan egg, saffron hollaindaise, corn fritters, fried cauliflower + crispy kale’ from their #NOFILTER menu, oh and the matcha pancakes too! Try Mr.Ziggy’s burgers, Si Senor Art Taqueria, and

Be sure to check out the WoodFrog Bakery for a quick bite, or breakfast on-the-go. I have been staying at Summer House hostel (really recommend if you’re looking for more of a chilled hostel in limbo between jobs or travels!) – yeh this Bakery is literally right outside on Barkly St.

Si Senor Art Taqueria – Is a Mexican dream.



My favourite past time.

St.Kilda has countless bars and restaurants. I LOVE IT!

Acland St is the main pedestrianised strip with some great venues. Right at the end where the road meets Barkly St I recommend Iddy Biddy‘s bar, sit outside in the street and enjoy some quirky pub grub too. (Head up that side road and you will find Lentil as Anything – Bohemian vegetarian restaurant staffed by volunteers, offering casual, pay-as-you-feel dining.)

The Village Belle is also that end of the road, (its like a giant trendier UK Wetherspoons).

Go out in Fitzroy Street too (near where Nomads hostel is), in the likes of The George, is where you’ll find most youngun’s at the weekend.

TIP: On a Wednesday evening head to 29th Apartment for $10 entry you get unlimited pizza and a drink, then after 10pm it turns into St.Kildas most popular club on a Wednesday eve, brimming of backpackers.

Also make sure to go for drinks / dinner at Republica On The Beachfront!
Often hosting live music and situated right on the sea front, Republica is the coolest place to hang out for dinner or for cocktails… any day of the week.

If you’re here for longer, check out Resident Advisor and see when the next big club nights or day festivals are on. Make sure to get down to Riva at some point, they host amazing day parties and have recently had Patrick Topping, MK, etc on the bill.



Head to the beach or the parks and be merry in St.Kilda! Discover St.Kilda’s very own Botanical Gardens, enjoy Luna Park come alive by night, listen to the buskers, or even make sure to check out the Thursday night food and music market!

Go grab some tinnies whilst its golden hour and go watch the sunset!

NOTE – No idea why the police are against public drinking on St.Kilda beach! Watch out – heavy fines. TIP – Head to Elwood beach where it’s less crowded.

One of my favourite things to do is sit with a cold beer, fish n’ chippies, and watch the sunset on the beach. Hellll yes.

Go check out Paper Fish on the beach!



Once you’re down at St.Kilda beach, head along to the pier after sunset to see those aquatic cuties. YES! I had no idea either that there are penguins in Melbourne, and I’ve lived here!

I happened to come across them on my evening run the other night, when I saw what looked like a colony of them all huddling around the tail end of St.Kilda pier by the rocks. Oh wait, that was just the tourists.

I didn’t realise it was such a big tourist attraction. I joined in the back of the crowd to see what all the fuss was about, (NOTE – bring a hoody!) I was out running and as soon as I stopped could feel like cold, and this is January. It did feel like everyone was waiting around for ages after dusk, but luckily a little kid beside me spotted one first.

CUTE! The little penguins are hilarious, they make the funniest noises trying to find their mates and head into their burrows! Ok, there isn’t as many as Phillip Island (Read my guide here!) but it is nice to see … ONCE! Now leave the poor buggers alone. I felt so sorry for the little penguins. Imagine after a long day at work, all you want to do is get home and put your feet up …and then suddenly BAM loads of paparazzi at ya door!



If you’re an early bird like me… get up and go for a run!

However runnings not for everyone, so head out for a stroll and check out the promenade.

Sunsets are unreal here so make sure you are out and about exploring the beach when the sun goes down.

Take a walk all the way to Port Osmund where you can see an amazing view of the city. I normally run here in the mornings, or recently I have left at around 8.30pm when its cooler so I can catch the beautiful sunsets. Elwood beach is a cushty spot to grab a takeaway, and say goodnight to Mr.sun.

Me and my old friend Beth, who I used to live with in Waterloo, back in London, recently came down here for a burger and sunset. Bloody LOVED IT.

(I highly recommend Mr.Ziggys burgers off Carlisle St. in Balaclava.)



Rent A Bike And Cycle The Coastal Path!

Go solo for a bit of head space and peace, or convoy with some friends along the coastline. I rented my bike from St.Kilda cycles and just followed the ocean path. I definitely recommend.



Euphoric Threads Euphoric Escapades Melbourne Watersports

Check out this link and read more on the vast options Melbourne and St.Kilda has to offer. At Euphoric Threads we LOVE the ocean, we live and breathe it and watersports is our jam!

Directly on your doorstep make sure to hire a SUP board (We recommend making the trip to Mornington Peninsular and hiring from Sunny King ! )

If you fancy more of a challenge then get yourself some cheap Kitesurging lessons on Groupon! Its only $59 for a two hour lesson at Kite Republic.

The only downside about Melbourne is that there are no close-by surf beaches or breaks so make sure you hire a car and hit the Great Ocean Road; visit Torquay, Bells beach, Lorne, or even head over to Phillip Island!


Melbourne Luna Park - EuphoricThreads' Euphoric Escapades - Australia Adventures

Melbourne’s unmissable Luna Park is a historic amusement park with The Great Scenic Railway – the oldest wooden rollercoaster wooden in the world.

As you hop off the 96 tram at Luna Park you can’t miss the giant clown face and big white complex right by the beach front with a sky high rollercoaster lining the circumference. The rides aren’t THAT thrilling, but still an amusing thing to do one afternoon! (Only $5 entry).



Mooch around St.Kilda’s Ackland St, Balaclava and then head up to Chapel St where the best vintage and op shops can be found {second to Fitzroy Street, of course}.

Visit the Palais next to Luna Park by the beach front, the Historic 1920’s Beaux-Art venue is the oldest National Theatre in Oz, check out whats on, it is an awesome venue – even just go to peak inside at the architecture.

Nextdoor to the Palais is St Kilda Sea Baths; outdoor swimming pools and a health centre. It costs $13 to enter and use the facilities.

On Sunday’s St.Kilda market is always fun to peruse, its located right on the esplanade. I bought a lovely sterling silver and turquoise ring there for $4! The Thursday night market is a similar vibe and more livelier, go check them out!

St.Kilda is amazing, but head into the city and the options are extended beyond your wildest dreams. Go explore the likes of the Night Market, the art lanes, the coffee shops and the Eureka Sky Tower.