Notebook Nostalgia

I took a trip down memory lane this evening and found myself rummaging through old sketchbooks from the first few projects I completed during my Fashion Design degree.

A theme – or passion, rather – that stays true to my heart is nostalgic surf culture, mixed with euphoric bright colours and textures reminiscent of Peruvian or Spanish textiles, and the eclectic mish mash of patterns and prints:

Euphoric Threads' Sketchbooks

Gotta love those fluffy boots!

.. I have a serious weakness for pomm pomms atm.

Wait, who am I kidding… I ALWAYS have a weakness for pomm pomms <3.

Some of these older projects were based around the muse of the ‘wonderlust’ traveller, taking inspiration from contemporary artist Maurizio Anzeri, and traditional crochet and macramé knotting techniques often used to craft friendship bracelets and hammocks, .. (another weakness of mine).



I intend to use this long overdue blog to document my adventures, my design and textile inspirations seen on my travels, and my general ‘Euphoric Escapades’ that inform some, if not most, of my design work and ideas behind my womenswear label ‘Euphoric Threads’.

I haven’t had as much spare time as I wanted to start this blog. It’s not a lack of wanting, mostly a lack of digital energy when everything is poured into work, (and socialising etc .. you know.. .life!). One things for sure is that the longer it goes without documenting my travels and ideas via the written word – the harder it is to get back into it. When you stop expressing your raw thoughts and ideas, you go a long time between syncs. Then there’s almost so much to say and photos to post, so much that’s missed, that it’s easier to say nothing at all… to not start any blog and stay ‘off-grid’ .. but what’s the fun in that!




I hope to share with you not only my travels and tails of ‘euphoric escapades’, (including lost memories, ideas and designs from the last 3 years being an offline nomad), but my design inspiration, favourite textile and fabric haunts around the globe, and general love for all things print, colourful ..and near the ocean.