Fiji’s Underwater World. Part I.

What attracts visitors to Fiji is not only its beauty and beaches on land, but also what can be seen below Fiji’s warm South Pacific Ocean, as I was yet to discover!

There is a wide variety of life in Fiji’s waters, including dolphins, sea turtles, many sharks, sea snakes, corals and a colourful array of exotic fish to name a few. Activities, including snorkelling and diving, also enable people to explore Fiji’s magnificent underwater world.

Having spent a wonderful three months on this beautiful island, I want to celebrate our oceans and share with you my favourite snorkel locations in Fiji – including tips on where to spot the more elusive characters living amongst Fiji’s marine life:


Euphoric Threads' Euphoric Escapades in Fiji - Rainbow Reef Taveuni healthy coral

Euphoric Threads’ Euphoric Escapades in Fiji – Rainbow Reef Taveuni healthy coral

The Somosomo Strait which runs between Taveuni Island and Vanua Levu is one of Fiji’s best known dive destinations. The strait almost single-handedly earns Fiji its title as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”. I was lucky enough to visit this spot in my first month at Island Spirit, on a work trip to Taveuni.

You can read more about this adventure here.

Many divers come to Taveuni just to witness the excellent soft coral blooms that occur when the current is running just right. The tidal current and constant year–round water temperature of the Somosomo Strait create an ideal environment for hard and soft corals and marine creatures such as reef fish, turtles, eels and anemones with their brilliant pairs of clown fish.

Underwater Fiji travels Euphoric Escapades Euphoric Threads

Island Spirit, the company I am lucky to work for, work directly with Taveuni Ocean Sports, they were extremely helpful and fun to spend the morning out on a boat trip with. The snorkel trip included a light lunch break with yummy dips, cakes and fresh fruit.


The Mamanucas Islands is a volcanic archipelago off the West coast of Fiji’s mainland – Vitu Levu.Snorkelling at Mana Island is excellent. I joined a dive and snorkel trip on my weekend away to Mana in the Mamanuca Islands back in March.

I visited the infamous “Supermarket” dive site with the chance to dive with White Tip, Black Tip and Grey Reef Sharks plus thousands of colourful tropical reef fish. The corals here are in a superb condition and present a great opportunity to explore local marine life of Fiji. It was amazing to be swimming next to these majestic creatures in the deep blue sea!

If you are looking to visit the Mamanucas in your time in Fiji. Island Spirit will be happy to help you find eco lodges and family run accommodation for your stay.

You can view a selection of my favourite Fiji eco escapes here from Island Spirit.


Further north of the Mamanuca Island’s is Fiji’s YASAWA Islands where Manta Rays are commonly spotted.

Stunning coral gardens, spectacular swim throughs, amazing reef walls and over a thousand species of marine life are just some of the things you’re likely to experience in the Yasawa’s.

Between the months of May to October you can experience the Manta Ray close up as they glide majestically through the waters around Mantaray island Resort. Fascinated by the swimmers, manta ray will frequently perform graceful aquabatic displays.  Magical somersaults and loop the loops.


The Coral Coast is a 50 mile stretch of beaches and bays along the Queen’s Highway between Nadi and Suva on Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu.  As the name suggests, the region is named for the large fringing reef that greets you from the shoreline.

Many of my weekends off from work were spent on the coral coast.

My favourite spot was the Fiji Beachouse.

This is a family owned resort located on a sheltered sandy lagoon and surrounded by acres of lush gardens. The water is crystal clear here and the reef abundant in marine life.

This locally run lodge has THE friendliest of staff who really made my time here special.

Many of Island Spirit’s eco tours in Fiji will at some point stop off, or begin here – it really is special, you’ll have to see for yourself!

(The Beachouse fosters a more authentic Fijian experience than offered by the larger resorts.)

Euphoric Threads' Euphoric Escapades in Fiji - Rainbow Reef Taveuni starfish

Euphoric Threads’ Euphoric Escapades in Fiji – Rainbow Reef Taveuni starfish

The coral here is also amazing, and the crystal clear waters make it the perfect place to hire a Stand Up Paddle board and glide over for a peak! It always amazes me to see the sea floor here dotted with these electric blue unique star fish.

Other spots to dive: 


Dive with Bull Sharks at Beqa Lagoon!! Apparently this dive is a MUST, and I really recommend you get your PADI qualification and come here (you can’t dive without one!). Here is a photo taken by my lovely new friend, Malin, who I met in Fiji.

Malin Victoria Fiji underwater shark dive euphoric threads

For further information on any of these dive and snorkel spots or enquiries on eco-adventures to Fiji please free to email me!

Where are your top places to dive in Fiji?

Did I miss something? Do you have a question that I haven’t answered? I’d love to know!

Thank YOU for reading 🙂

Euphoric Threads x

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